Meal Prep Tips

The Importance of Meal Prep

Meal prepping is so very important, but most people just do not do it. It is the key to success for sure! Budgeting your time to plan simple recipes, prep for them by going to the grocery store and setting aside time in your week to do the meal prep, will keep you on point with your nutrition and not veer to making bad choices. Meal Prepping = Achieving Goals.

Simple Tips for Meal Prep

Plan Ahead of Time

Write down your meals and snacks in a notebook or on a calendar to keep you organized.

Make a Grocery List

Compile the recipes for those meals and snacks in your notebook/calendar and make a grocery list. Stick to the grocery list while shopping.

Find Easy, Healthy Recipes and Keep It Simple

Keep recipes simple and easy. Who has time to cook a huge meal for hours these days? I know I don’t!

Find a Partner to Help You

Having your kids help will instill healthy habits from an early age.

Set Time Aside to Prep

Set aside one day per week to prepare the meals for the entire week. This does take time, but it is so worth it, as your week becomes easier with less to do.