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Have you searched numerous times on the internet for workouts, but you really don't know what to do once you find them? Annoying, right?! Here, you will find FREE written workouts, created by me, Certified Personal Trainer for over 15 years, as well as a Figure Competitor. Always consult your physician before starting this or any exercise and nutrition regime.

Ab/Core Workout

Side plank
Plank toe tap towards hands
Plank rock side to side
Walking plank

Resistance Band Workout

Bicep curls (single or double)(step on band using one foot)
Tricep extensions (step on band using one foot)
Tricep kickback (step on band using one foot)
Shoulder press
Side lateral raise

Home/Hotel Bodyweight Workout (3x through, 30 sec each)

high knees
mountain climbers
body squats
alternating front lunges
alternating side lunges
push up (full or knees down)
tricep push up
tricep dips on a chair

Cardio Ideas

Spin class/Sprint Cycle
Jump rope
Power Walking

HIIT Workout (3-5x through, 30 sec each)

(High Intensity Interval Training)

High knees
Mountain climbers
Jump squat to Sumo jump squats
Shuffle 3 times then squat and reverse
Jump lunge

Elliptical 30 sec medium resistance, 30 sec harder resistance, 30 sec medium, 1.5 min light (repeat until you reach 30 minutes)

Advanced HIIT Workout (3-4x through)

30 Jumping Jacks
20 lunges
15 Squats
30 Mountain Climbers
5 Burpees
50 Bicycles
5 Push-ups
20 second Superman
40 Knee Highs
30 second Rest
30 second Plank
30 second Side Plank (15 seconds each side)
40 Mountain Climbers

Gliders/Paper Plate Workout (3x through, 8-10 reps each)

Plank on all 4’s – (slide out plates to side to go down into a push up. Then plates back in on the way back up).
Slide out – (get on your knees, hands on plates, slide forward and back)
Plank toes on plates – (hold plank then separate legs out and in)
Plank with toes on plates – (alternate sliding feet out to each side)
Mountain climbers – toes on plates, feet move alternately up towards elbows and back to neutral position)
Bridge up – (heels on plates, lift your bottom and hold, then legs moved out away from the body and back in)
Reverse lunge – (one leg at a time, toes on plate, slide back into a reverse lunge, then back to neutral)
Side slide – (both feet on plates, alternate sliding each foot out to the side away from the body)

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